How do I know that I will get my £100 referral credit?

I signed up to bulb via a friend referral, the offer stated that once I switched I would be rewarded with £100 credit on my account. I cannot see this credit anywhere, does it exist? If so will it contribute towards my first bill? No info other than the bill amount & date. Feel as though I’ve had the wool pulled right over my eyes. Tia

Hi there @c00kie if you signed up using someone’s referral link that credit should have been added to your Bulb account, and it should be visible on the ‘payments and statements’ section of your bulb account. If it hasn’t appeared, and we’ve already taken supply of your energy, then could you send us an email at with the referral link you used and we’ll make sure you and your friend both get the credit? Once it’s on your account you can get the money refunded to your bank account if you like