How do I know that the electricity comes dFrom renewable sources?

Hi, I know that Bulb buys power from independent renewable generators. However, the power is fed into the National Grid, so surely it is not separated out from power generated from fossil fuel or nuclear power stations? I don’t understand the process!

Don’t think of it as 100% renewable, think of it as 100% renewable offset. Basically every kWh of electricity you buy bulb promise to put a kWh of renewable energy back into the grid. A bit misleading I know, however if by some miracle every energy customer in the UK was on a renewable energy supplier there would be 100% renewable energy for the gird.

Heya @DJK

A great question.

We buy our energy using REGOs (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin). REGOs are also what suppliers use to prove the renewable-ness of their energy.

As demand grows for green energy, they’ll be a greater need for renewable generation. With over 950,000 members, Bulb along with other green suppliers are making a significant contribution towards this demand.

If you’re interested who we purchase energy from, you can check out our generators page on our website.

Let me know if you have any questions.