How do i know what times my electricity is at the cheaper rate on Economy 7?

I’ve heard the tariff is at economy 7 from midnight to 7am, but it can vary with region and supplier. How do I find out what my timings are?

Hi @adamreidgreen you’re right - as a standard E7 meters are midnight till 7am - but they can vary slightly from this.

I have had a look and seen that yours is infact 11.30pm-6.30am!

If you’re ever curious about your meter details just ask us and we’ll be happy to look it up for you :smile:

Hi, what are the Economy7 times for Aberdeenshire?

Hi @frederik actually in North Scotland all meters have different time settings.

I’ve had at your particular meter and your low rate times are 11.30pm - 7.30am.