How do I leave Bulb?

Ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo baby, please don’t go!

No Fixed Term Contracts:

We don’t believe in fixed term contracts, it’s not fair and isn’t the Bulby way! We’d be sad to see you go, but you are free to leave whenever.

Do I need to do anything?:

Once you’ve signed up with a new supplier, we receive a note from them asking to take over your supply. You can expect a call from us just to double check that you’d like to switch and we are OK to let your supply go. Your new supplier should deal with everything else.

Settling Up:

You can expect a final bill from us once your new supplier sends us your handover reading. If you still have a bit to pay after the final bill, we’ll need payment of that. If we owe you, we’ll be sure to refund anything outstanding on the account.

Hello Bulb,

I need to cancel my account as we have sold our house and temporarily moving in with parents, how do i go about cancelling?

@michael5803 Easiest way to close your account with us when you move out is to email with:

  1. The date you official handed responsibility of the property to the landlord/new homeowners. This will be shown on your tenancy agreement or house sale documents.
  2. The meter reads when you left the property. This should be the same figures that are given to the estate agent in your closing inventory.

Once we’ve got that, we will then put together your final bill and send it over to you just a couple of days later. The final bill will include either a refund or a payment to settle your account and leave the balance at £0.

Cheers, Rob

Thanks for the info Rob, that’s great.