How do I locate my statement?

I cannot see where to download a statement for my account. I have looked under ‘payments and statements’ but this just provides a general overview and not an option to view/download/print a full statement. Thanks.

@Abi22 There would normally be a PDF attachment with your monthly ‘Bulb Account Update’ email.
If that’s not to hand, if you scroll down the ‘Payments and statements’ page, do you not see something like this?

Hi, thanks for your reply. I only receive a ‘monthly payment reminder’ email, not an ‘account update’ email and I don’t have that option to download statement on the ‘payments and statements’ page. Can you advise any further? Thanks.

As a customer, I can’t explain that. No doubt one of those nice Bulb people will be along tomorrow.

Hi @Abi22

The reason for the delay is because the meter information from your previous supplier is a little jumbled and it meant your bills couldn’t be produced.

I will email you to keep the conversation in email from now on.