How do I make a psyment

How do I make a payment

Hi @goldburn8,

What sort of meter/account is it?

  • A prepay (key/card) meter - these should be able to be topped up at your local shops once you’ve received the new Bulb key/card - just continue using your old suppliers one until then.
  • A credit account - You should be setup to pay via Direct Debit but you can check this and make top-up payments via .

If you’re having problems, just let us know what you are trying to do and we fellow customers will try and help (if Bulb staff don’t beat us to it - luckily, it’s the weekend so we have the advantage :wink: ). If you do need to contact Bulb staff directly to talk about account specific information (i.e. you are having trouble making payments, need to change your direct debit details and for some reason can’t do it through the online account portal, need to change address etc etc) - then you can find their contact details on