How do I read my meter and submit a reading?

Hi @max

We understand that first meter reads can be a bit tricky! If you (or any other members) are unsure how to read their meter just take a couple of photos of the meters and email them over to and we can advise on how to take a read.


OK thanks James - will do. I know how to read it but just don’t know how to submit both of them - but will email.


Roger that. We are just getting this sorted out and will email you today.


It would be helpful if you could really spell it out on this page whether the first reading from a two rate meter is the day reading and the second for the night. I’m assuming that is the case but it wasn’t clear and I’ve had to look a bit to try to find that out without success. Just needs spelling out for idiots like me!

Hey @switchtorenewables, the frustrating answer is “it depends”, as every meter is different. Usually the first is rate1/day/normal. So go for that. If it’s wrong, the energy industry will flag it to us and we’ll look at it and correct it. If you’d like more information about your meter then just give us a buzz on 0300 30 30 635 or email in a picture of your meter.

With my economy 7 meter i figured the currently displayed rate would be the active one, however it was day and displayed rate 2 lower than rate one and we have no storage heaters so you’d think the day rate would be higher.
First utility website has a page about doing a timed slave check dieting daytime hours to see which rate changes which is a good idea!

Only joined Bulb today. So glad to hear you no longer use G4s. Worked as a meter reader with Scottish Power for 14 yrs before being taken over by G4s. Awful company with shabby practices.

Followed your advice about how to read my smart meter to obtain electric and gas reading but it did not work however I did obtain some information but fear it is not what I need.

Hi @keithcyrilgoodall, could you please send some photos of your meter in to I will then be able to advise further and arrange a replacement if necessary.


I have just switched to Bulb and am submitting my meter readings.

How do I submit a reading for a second Electricity meter?

I live on a farm and we have two electricity meters.

Many thanks.

Hi @phil2967. We are working on getting second electricity meters functionality added to MyBulb, but for the moment, if you could please email in the second reading to or give us a call on 0300 30 30 365, we can get that entered for you. =)

There’s a card inside my gas meter box saying the bonding may not be safe and to call someone (first time I’ve looked in here in my property since moving in). How do I get this checked and should I be worried? I have no idea how long it’s been in there!

With regard to the meter checks arranged by Bulb, I read above that G4S sold its utility services to Morrison Data Services and is now Bulb’s new meter reading company. I hope it was an arms length sale with complete change of ownership and practices. Setting up the same business in an apparently different company to dissipate public’s dissatisfaction has been known to have happened in the past :open_mouth:
Just out of interest, I found this via Google : (see the ‘formerly G4S’?)
Will Bulb be publishing MorrisonD’s uniform (if it isn’t just a yellow fluorescent jacket on top of civvies!) and prospective identification documents?

@leniwhite I’ve emailed you about this, because it sounds like we’ll need an engineer to come out and take a look.

@stephen9620- great point. We’ll look into sending out information on Morrison’s uniform and ID documentation alongside confirmation of any meter jobs we book.

Hi, im new to Bulb and on Varifair for gas and electricity being charged £72.4 monthly which i think is on the high side as i am a low consumer. Does this mean i have to submit my metre reading monthly? Also, can i request for a Smart metre? Thanks.

Hi @kenneth9472 Once we have a few months consumption, we can review your payments and adjust if it looks a bit high. We ask for readings monthly just so we can keep your account as up to date as possible, but we don’t absolutely need them.

We aren’t yet installing smart meters, but I have added your name to the trial list to be one of our first to receive one!


can i request a meter reading to be taken

@gav thanks for getting in touch with us. We’d gladly help you out with the meter reading. Would you be able to send us an email to with the details of your account and we’ll re-arrange a meter reader to go out.

I am having problem reading my meter. Has ared light is flashing and no figger are showing so i am unable to give my previous supplier readings .please advice

@Sachmo877, a red flashing light is normal.

Does your meter have a button and match one of the descriptions in the first post on this thread?

You likely just have to press a button to read the meter.