how do I refer a friend?

For those of us less IT literate, what I would like is a blow by blow instruction on what to do. What I have been doing is R clicking on the link on my screen, which copies it, and then pasting and sending that link in an email to the person I want to refer. Is that right? If not simple instructions would be gratefully received. How does Bulb know I have done that?
Thank you, Charis

Hi @murtle yes that sounds good! As long as you share the link as it’s shown in your MyBulb account, then that’s fine.

There’s also a button you can click next to the link itself (which has two grey pages with folded corners) which copies the link.

If someone clicks your link or copies and pastes it into their web browser, it takes them to a unique signup page. It will have your name at the beginning. They simply need to go through the quoting process and click ‘switch now’.

We get a notification at this end that that’s happened, and we’ll send you an email which says “your friend Shaunagh has used your link to switch to Bulb!” That way you know you, and the person you’ve referred, are getting £50 credit.

Let us know if you’ve got any more questions about that :slight_smile: