How do I report something in the community?

If you see anything you think is inappropriate on the community, click on the little “flag” icon in the bottom left of the post, then click “report”. This will open up a window for you to tell us why you think the post is inappropriate. A Bulb will then take a look and take appropriate action. We’re around as much as we can be, but over the weekend it might take a bit longer for us to jump on.

We want you to feel like the community is a safe place to discuss anything, Bulb or otherwise, so we’ll provide the environment to do that. While we make sure to read all that you have to tell us, we need your help to tell us what you think shouldn’t be on the community and to report it to us so that we can remove it as early as possible. This community is self moderated, which means we rely on members to report things to us, rather than us only allow posts to be seen after we’ve reviewed them.

Here are some quick guidelines for the community:

  1. Always be excellent to each other.
  2. Use common sense.
  3. If you see something dodgy, report it and don't respond to the post.
  4. Don't name and shame, and only discuss disputes with Bulbers in private
  5. Don't share your referral link in the community (see the announcement here)
Simple really. We promise that we will always work with members to solve disputes and will only ever be heavy handed in extreme situations, such as hate speech.

There are also some fine print bits. We will always stand by our promise above.


  1. We don’t actively moderate content on any platform, including on the site or social media; members should report anything they feel may be inappropriate to us so that we can take appropriate actions.
  2. If there are disputes or clarification is needed on anything on the community the Community Management Team have the final say. We won't discuss details of any of our moderation decisions in public.
  3. The community isn't considered a part of any service paid for by joining Bulb.
  4. The guidelines above aren't designed to encompass every scenario , they are just meant as guidelines on how members should use the community. Bulb and the Community Management team will always take the action we think best. This may include, but isn't limited to:
    • Private discussion
    • Editing posts
    • Removing posts
    • Suspending community accounts
    • Legal action