How do I request an IHD

I am in a new build house and have recently signed up to bulb. As the house is new I have no IHD for my SMET2 smart meters. Does anybody know how I can request an IHD?

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I can see you are going to switch to Bulb soon but are currently with British Gas. BG installed your smart meter so should have left an IHD for you. Potentially this has been misplaced before you moved in?

I recommend getting in touch with the installing supplier and asking them for an IHD (as they installed the meter) if you have no luck we can add you to a waitlist. However, we currently cannot send out IHD’s and will not be able to until we return to the office.


Thanks Melisa, I wasn’t too sure if they were my installer as well as current supplier.

I have asked them for one but they cannot give them out at the moment apparently. I’ll try again once lockdown begins to ease.