How do i reset my bulb account?

Since I created an account with bulb I’ve not been able to sign in to track my switch. It keeps coming to this community page but not to my account. Can I reset my bulb account online?

Common problem,you need to call Bulb,0330 303 0635 and be prepared for a long wait to speak to someone.

Wrong contact number posted above. It should be 0300 30 30 635.

Can I suggest that rather than keep posting the phone number, which can be wrong or potentially used to enable scamming, we just simply link to the contact us page?

No one should ever be calling a phone number given by random people on the internet without verifying it against a trusted source such as the actual company website.

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Bulb are fixing this problem “soon” according to their support staff. Having said that, they didn’t defy “soon”. though…

I disagree … they defy soon all the time! :rofl:


Soon = sometime, maybe never

Please keep us informed on this. Would love to know how long they take.

Can you explain how posting Bulbs phone number equates to scamming?

That’s not what I said. I suggested not posting a phone number which can be wrong potentially enabling scamming. It’s a version of the common fake customer service phishing scam.

Consider: You get a text message, “Hi, this is [bank you expect], we’ve noticed some possible fraudulent activity on your account, please call [this phone number] urgently to discuss”. You quickly phone them up, you hear the standard bank phone messages you expect, give your authentication, and speak to customer services. Thankfully you were quick enough and the fraudulent transactions were stopped. They arrange to send you a new card. Great. Only it wasn’t your bank, which you’d have realised if you’d have done what you were supposed to do which is check the number they asked you to call against a known trusted source of information such as the phone number printed on the back of your card.

We shouldn’t be encouraging people to call random phone numbers posted on the internet by random people. Quite possibly pensioners or otherwise vulnerable people who are already struggling to navigate the website and obtain the correct information themselves. Sure, you’re posting the correct phone number (ignoring that actually in this case you haven’t) but the next person might well not be. Give them the link to the genuine source of information instead. You may well now be going to say someone could create a fake [bulb dot org] website or similar and you could be giving a link to a fake site that looks real. Sure, but that’s at least another level of difficulty. We can at least not make life easier for the scammers by avoiding encouraging people to call a random number they’ve been given.

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