How do I stop bulb over charging on Economy 7

When I joined Bulb back in February I thought it was going to be an easy process and hassle free but I was wrong. I’ve been trying to sort out a simple problem of being over charged but 8 months on I’m still having issues and this is due to Bulb entering my meter readings incorrectly everytime I submit via the app. Night rate is cheaper compered to day rate however every time I submit the correct readings Bulb changes this making my bill higher.
I have taken screenshots of my meter readings and sent this off as proof to Bulb and they still using their own readings. I have called, emailed and tweeted and they don’t really listen. I don’t know what else to do. If I leave before I sort the problem out I will end up losing hundreds of pounds so I’m sticking with them till I get this sorted but I don’t know who else to turn to. Any advise?

Fill out the officiall comlaint form(bottom of this page) if it’s not sorted within eight(8) weeks escalate oit to the energy ombudsman

Thank you for your reply

Hi @hassmemish

I’m sorry that you’ve had an ongoing issue with your billing & meter readings.

I’ve followed up your email now, so we can resolve this issue and will raise this as a complaint. Please respond to the complaint thread with any questions.