How do I submit a meter reading?

I’m trying to submit a meter reading and just getting sent round in circles. None of these links take me to anywhere that a meter reading can be submitted.

How do I submit a meter reading?



Login to your Bulb account at:

And you’ll see a big green “Submit Meter Reading” button/link.

If you’ve not got an account yet, there’s a link to get that sorted there on the login page, and if you do have an account, but have forgotten the password, there’s a link for that once you’ve put in your email on the login page, and clicked “Sign in with Password”.

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Alternatively you can also download and use the Bulb app to do it on your phone or tablet which makes uploading meter readings very simple

Hi @jmchale5555, I can see you managed to submit your readings this morning, which is great.

Big thanks to @stevefoster and @shaun5948 for your help and for making Community what it’s meant to be about - positive interactions and helping each other :leaves: