How do I switch to a variable direct debit

i was told by bulb 3 times i was on variable direct debit. paid my first bill out of my credit on variable d.d. and they took £193 out of my account for my old d.d set up! so i paid the bill twice!!!. rang my bank-got the £193 reinstated. bulb straight on the case, stating failed d.d.- i ignored it. 5 days later £193 out of my account again! rang bank-reinstated again! if it happens again, its trading standards and offgem for me! dealing with a straight bunch of rip off merchants here.

You should not rely on Bulb. You must cancel your first DD yourself and make sure it has been removed from your DD list before you complete a new form. When bulb ask you to confirm date and amount DO NOT CONFIRM.

Hi @sjha and @paulunsy :wave:

Sent an email to you both separately to let you know how we can get you on to a variable direct debit.

Please reply to my email as soon as you can so we can get this set up.


Jenny :star:

sorry, but your wrong! it is up to bulb to do these set ups, as requested! . as said, i was told 3 times this was all set up for me! i cancelled the origional d.d. when i rang the my bank, and left the d.d. open for variable d.d. only. the problem is bulb do not want people on variable d.d. they want your money in credit!. hence they make it hard for you to set this up! can you see any info on variable on there website??? i rest my case!.

I really object to being called a liar. I and others have effected the switch to variable DD with no input from Bulb.
Wind your neck in and read the thread from the top - an apology would be welcome, although not expected.

Please can someone at Bulb switch my account to a variable direct debit - I am currently £410 in credit with a monthly usage c£60 until winter hits and wish to usey credit up first and then pay for what I use once the credit has reduced down

Hi @Joanne2711 :wave:

You have now been changed to variable direct debit. Please let us know if you have any questions.

– Robyn :bulb:

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