How do I tell you I am moving

I submitted readings today as it is our final day in our property but couldnt see where on the app I tell you ive left the property? Can you help please

@kathryn83 Unfortunately you can’t tell us this through the app yet. I’ve moved you out now and you’ll be receiving a final bill from us in the next week or two.

On that note though, we are currently in the process of designing a move out wizard for the app and MyBulb. We’ll make sure it’s easy to give final meter readings as well as take Bulb with you to your new home while referring the person moving into your old home too.

Any news on this Will, as I am moving tomorrow! lol
I would like to take Bulb to my new property.

@david2008 – still best to do it over the phone. We can call you, if you’d like. Just let us know.

Hi Andrew, yes I’d be grateful if you could call between 10 & 12 this morning if possible please? I’ve already submitted final readings for the property I’ve just left.
Thanks, David.

@david2008 will do!