How do I verify my meter reading?

Meter reading. Electricity i cannot take photo i can’t work it ok have my granddaughter to verify figure submitted original error made at EDF reading was out by 1000

Hi @Reading,

I’m not quite sure what you are saying: is it the fact that your opening meter reading at Bulb (i.e. closing meter reading supplied to EDF) was incorrect by 1,000 units. In this case, yes, Bulb/EDF would probably ask for ‘evidence’ of the accurate meter reading in the form of a photograph (from a smartphone or digital camera). If you or your granddaughter are not able to provide this, just let Bulb know via an email to (see for their phone number if you prefer to call them) and they’ll be able to advise further.

Hi there @Reading if the opening reading we have for you is indeed wrong, then we probably would have asked for a photo. If your grandaughter would be able to send us a photo and just let us know your name and address then I’m sure we’ll be able to get it sorted for you, we can ask EDF to change their final reading and we’ll change our opening reading to match (as long as they agree to change)