How do members get any help from Bulb?

What is the point of Bulb having a ‘help’ box to enter one’s query in if it is not live?

I am continually frustrated by the lengths to which companies will go to avoid sorting out their customers’ problems.

Do any customers here have a suggestion as to how I can contact Bulb?


The contact details are not really hidden

If you had entered “contact” in the box it would have given you this page to contact Bulb:

I’m guessing you may have noticed if you entered a search word in the help box and clicked “Search” nothing happened, this is a fault I reported a while ago. Rather then click the “Search” button you need to press the keyboard return key as an short term measure

Also on the Help page, if you scroll down to the bottom you will also see the Bulb contact details

Hi @AJMo

You can contact us on 00300 30 30 635 or our online chat from Monday to Friday (9:00am to 6:00pm). Or send us an email at any time:

You can also ask your question here and I can help you out. If you’d prefer to send me a private message, please do :slight_smile: