How do you actually get to your account

So far I cannot find my account every time I log in I get redirected to this community page? Where is my account. Oh and the app just crashes every time I load it so its completely useless!

I keep getting emails to send meter readings but I can’t get to my account, the link just takes me here!

The Account login page is here:

Bulb Account Login

That shouldn’t redirect you here - but I have seen reports that occasionally it does. If that’s the case for you, you’ll need help from someone at Bulb to reset your account.

Thanks I think it’ll need reset as I just get redirected here every time!

Hi @will_2201, sorry for this inconvenience - you should have now received an email that will allow you to log into your Bulb account :+1:

It’s Sorted now thanks :+1:t2: