How do you engage people with Waste to Energy processes? Get them skiing!

I came across this quite stunningly unbelievable concept today. It is an artificial ski slope on the roof of a waste recycling plant in Copenhagen, Denmark designed by superstar architect Bjarke Ingels.

This is so exciting in so many ways. Not only can you justify creating such plants closer to urban areas by making the site multi-purpose, but you can help people to realise that despite the industrial look, sites such as these create zero toxins beyond some minor CO2, so it removes the stigma of the industrial side of a plant.

I wonder if it could ever be possible to have consumers get ‘up-close’ to waste processing like this in the UK? I am now going to start searching for great renewable / energy / architecture projects in the UK to follow. Do you know of any?

(and if you are interested in learning more about Bjarke Ingels, check out the amazing “ABSTRACT: The Art of Design” documentary series on Netflix)

Hi @thirstforwine, this looks amazing, thanks for letting us know about it. we don’t know of anything quite as fun looking as this but we did write a blog recently on awesome renewable projects from around the world.

Does anyone else from the community know of anything similar that could quench @thirstforwine??

I do hope that the side barriers are sufficiently robust: I would hate to imagine falling off the edge.

Seems that my photo above from a while ago no longer shows (will need to get help to update it), but in the time since it was posted, the slope has finally opened.

I do love this idea and would love to see something like this in the UK - if nothing else because it would make the recycling centre something to talk about