How does bulb account work?

Alright, so i just moved in on 18th September 2019, and my landlord told me to be responsible for my own bills, so i have created an account with bulb. But till now i have not receive any bills from bulb, its already 19 November 2019, so how am i suppose to pay when i did not receive my bill. And also i was asked to submit the readings for electricity and gas on 29 October, but till today i do not know much to pay, and i do not know why i could not submit another reading, it says your final reading have been submitted. Anyone kind enough to explain to me how bulb energy works especially when you moved into a new house? Thank you.

Try emailing

You will be given a zen desk ticket with a code of reference once your ticket is acknowledged. They will ask for the address etc.

Failing this, just out of curiosity what happens if you try and switch to bulb? As in go through the switch process on the website. It would be a way of forcing the system into thinking you’re now responsible for energy at the property and allow you to be in control of the energy account. If this doesn’t work, hopefully you’ll get some sort of error which you could talk to in the email.

The helpdesk opens tomorrow 9am for online chat and phone calls