How does the smart tarrif differ cost wise to vari tarrif ?

How does the smart tarrif differ cost wise to vari tarrif ?

Hey @Kevin1_h

Here’s a list of unit rates for the smart tariff:

If you’d like to compare these prices to teh vari-fair you could pop your post code into the tariff page on our website.

Generally speaking, the smart tariff is most cost effective for those members who have electric vehicles or can set their most energy consuming devices to run on the off-peak or super-off peak times.

Thank you Eleanor, seems the south west always seem to have the highest tarrif bar 1,
Why might that be do you think ?

Hi Kevin,

The costs vary across regions due to each region having a different Distribution Network Operators (DNO). Network charges make up around 25% of energy bills so as you point out, this means suppliers unit rates or standing charges vary across the UK.

I’m not an expert in this area but I do know that the electricity charges are higher than average in North Scotland, Merseyside & North Wales and the South West of England. The costs are lower than average in London and Eastern England.

There are 14 energy regions in total and each region charges suppliers differently. If there are major infrastructure upgrades in an areas, the costs are passed on to the supplier and ultimately the members.

Costs also differ because regions produce and sell different amounts of energy. Or, it could be that some regions have more fossil fuels or renewable energy availability in their area. And some areas have older equipment meaning that energy is lost from the wiring or piping causing costs to increase.