How I can pay my bill

How I can pay my bill

Hi if you have had an email from bulb!!
Scroll down to the dark blue bit were it says manage my bulb account log in hit payments were you can sort a direct debit or the top-up
Clear the top-up default of £50 type in the amount hit top-up and put in your card details
The top-up option doesn’t always show up in the app for some reason!! Once sorted card payments usually show in your account with an auto email confirming the amount topped up hope this helps take care J.
Direct debit’s can take upto a week to show up in your account as they show as pending

Hey @razvancoman730 Welcome to our community.

There are a few ways to pay your bill but the most common and easiest is a direct debit setup each month. From searching your account I have been unable to see an account associated with your email. As @jforshawl20 has said you can manage your payments on your online account so its important this gets setup.

If you have just moved in please fill this moving form in so we can generate an account, if you have already done this, please let us know.


I tried to fill the form bath i don’t found my address

Hi @razvancoman730

I’ve just sent you an email so I can help get your account set up :slightly_smiling_face:

– Meg :bulb: