How is gas calculated?

Hi there,

This will be a stupid question I know, but I’m a bit confused about the units gas is charged in.

On the tariff page it says it’s about 3 pence per kWh, but my meter says it measures ft3 on it.

As I’m a new customer (and new to bills having always lived as a lodger before!) I haven’t got a bill yet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Electricity meters record kWh directly, but gas meters record cu m, or on some older meters, cu ft.
Your meter readings will appear on the statement, along with the number of meter units recorded during the billing period.
The meter units are used to calculate the kWh, using a formula that is explained in an information box on the same page.

The attached is what 198kHz is referring to although if you have the old type meter (cu.ft) then you may have to convert to cu.m if you want to check the accuracy of the bill. There are some slight regional differences in cost.

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