How is it renewable energy providers have gone into Administration?

Genuine question. When the energy companies started pushing up prices and going ‘pop’, why and how were renewable providers caught up in that? In my naivety I figured “renewable” meant, isolated from fuel generation cost increases because the wind, sun and waves are essentially free resources. That’s the point, right? No reliance on oil, gas or coal prices to power, power stations. Best case, they should have been the only folks left in the market!

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There’s currently only one price for energy in the UK. There aren’t separate markets for green energy sources. When the cost of electricity produced by burning gas goes up, so does the cost of electricity from green sources.


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Thanks Jenny. I did not know that.
Any idea why the energy producers aren’t made to compete on pricing? That would surely work out nicely for the renewable guys (increase in market share) and their customers (reduction in bills) and not so well for the oil burners. I would think, that would also help the government achieve whatever green targets they’re working towards.