How is possible to get an bill of 210£ from 12 decembre till 12 january ? in November i have paid 166 £ and now this ? what is going on?

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Firstly, are you aware by posting on this public forum you’ve disclosed your full name and address visible to the entire internet? If you’re not happy with that I strongly suggest you edit your post to remove your personal details. If telling everyone where you live is what you intended, then disregard this post.

To answer your query, you need to check this statement and your past statements. Which of them have the word “estimate” next to the readings? Most likely this is a “catch up” bill due to past underestimates, which results in previous usage appearing within this months statement.

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Hi I had the same issue and Bulb have not responded. I have had to seek legal advice… I’m not sure what is going on with Bulb

@lesleytherapy1 & @mascas1989 please make sure you’ve been submitting regular gas and electricity readings to Bulb, ideally no less than 3 days before your billing date. As @Hooloovoo has stated this is more than likely a catch up bill due to previous statements being based on inaccurate estimates.

It is essential to keep up to date with your energy accounts and submit readings unless you have a Bulb smart meter that you’ve made sure is sending daily meter readings to Bulb.

Seeking legal council could prove incredibly costly, far more than any bill. I would strongly recommend you phone Bulb at precisely 9:00am today, if there is a mistake with the billing they will be able to fix this and if they confirm it is a catch up statement due to previous estimates then it would avoid you erroneously getting a solicitor involved.

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I do wonder if experiencing a huge legal bill to be told the problem is of their own making, is the only way a lot of people will come to understand personal responsibility.

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I did …thats why i have paid 166 in decembre and i have sent the readings again to them …i have only gas from them …the electric is from Sotish Power