how is your gas renewable

how is your gas renewable


The gas is not renewable, however its one of the cleanest forms of energy, and its actually better for the environment to burn gas than to release it.

I have read that in the future Bulb also plans to use renewable gas through a new process making bio-methane possible, which will be great in the near future. :slight_smile:

@david94115 thanks for your question, and @sy thanks alot for the response!

The electricity we source is 100% renewable. As a supplier we have just signed up to the Green Gas Certification Scheme and will start purchasing gas from renewable sources from January 2016. We are in discussions to buy this gas from a number of farms that are also part of the scheme. These farms take waste and slurry and produce biogas through a process called Anaerobic Digestion, which is then scrubbed (turned into bio-methane) and then injected onto the National Grid.

We expect the percentage of gas that we source from renewable sources to grow over time, and for us to have one of the greenest gas tariffs to go with the 100% renewable electricity tariff we already have. As Bulb grows, we hope that the demand from our members will make investing in green gas production much more attractive for farms, breweries and other potential producers across the UK.