How local are Bulb's sources of energy?

Good Energy are running an engaging promotion whose selling point is that their energy sources are 100% from the UK whereas, they say, “around 60% of the UK’s energy comes from places like Russia and the Middle East”.
It made me wonder: where does Bulb source its energy supplies?

That’s a very good question @dianaw!

At Bulb, we do our best to source our energy as local as we can. A proportion of our 100% renewable energy comes from hydro and wind plants in the UK. The rest of it comes from renewable certified generators. The 10% green portion of our gas comes from farm waste from farms in the UK, the rest of it is, however, the normal National Grid mix.

We are doing our best to source more green gas for our gas mix.

@“SJ at Bulb”, that looks like a bit like skirting around the question to me!

Got any further information on the proportion of your electricity that comes from renewable plants in the UK?
Is some of the renewable electricity that Bulb supplies imported?

hi @mowcius Please take a look here at our generator community page -

It details the different sites we get our renewable energy from. As for percentages, that’s something I’ve enquired about with our trading team and will let you know as soon as I hear back.


Hi @Sam_Bulb, thanks for the response. The percentages would be interesting but I presume that means that you do import, or have imported energy.

I personally have no major issue with that if it’s sometimes necessary, and the generation page saying “where we can” seems fair enough to me, so long as it’s honest.

@Sam_Bulb, any update on the percentages?

From a few other discussions it sounds like you’re not currently importing any energy from abroad though which is good to hear.