How long did you wait to get your 'smart top up' card?

Switched to a smart PAYG meter a couple months ago and I’m yet to received in the post my new smart top up card to be used at paypoints.
I know you can you the website/app and I have been I just like the idea of having the card as a back up but its not arrived yet


Thank you for posting,

I’ve asked the team to send your new [electricity/gas] card in the post. You should receive it within 5 working days.

In the meantime, you can still top up in your Bulb account online, or using the Bulb app. We have a guide to topping up with Smart Pay As You Go if you need it.

Have a splendid day.

–Suki :hibiscus:

Hi also had no cards sent to us for topping up and now no top up on your app for electric

Hi @Ron :wave: Welcome to Community,

I am sorry you have not received your top-up cards. I cannot access your account with the email address from your profile so it would be best to contact us on 0300 303 0635 to get those requested.

Let me know if you have any questions,

– KT :bulb:

I know this reply is a little bit late.
Firstly thank you for a quick response and i can confirm that the electricity top up card has arrived.
Secondly I am yet to receive the gas top up card. Can you give me an idea of when it might show up?
Thank you again

Hi @MR.RYE :wave:

Apologies for the gas top up card delay.

I’ve re-requested one to be posted to you and it should arrive in the next 3-5 working days :incoming_envelope:

If you need anything else, please let us know below :point_down:

Ollie :musical_note:

How long does it take for a smart top up card to arrive?, not received ours yet. Could do wth it for hubby who is not ‘app literate’.

Hi @Buddy_lola

Welcome to community and thank you for posting. :wave:t4:

It should get to you within 7 working days. May I ask if you requested this with anyone at bulb. Let me know if you would like for me to send you one. :slight_smile:

–Suki :hibiscus:

Hi suki, i was told by the engineer when my smart metre was fitted that i would receive one in the post. My metre was fitted on 21 april. Still not received one, so yes i would be very grateful if one could be sent out, thanks. X

Hi @Buddy_lola

I’ve requested a new PAN card be sent to you, let us know if it isn’t with you this time next week