How long does a payment for compensation take?

hi i got an email claiming that i would received £60 compensation on the 11.3.21 for removing me from bulb to a new company by mistake and the length of time to fix it ? i heard back on 20.3.21 saying bulb would look into it not arriving on the 25. 3. 21 it had been escalated on the 1.4.21 i got pointed in the direction of a complaint which i put in and then on 11.4.21 i was told the complaint would be closed if i did not contact bulb by then ? no payment has ever been made and it appears nothing is actually being done to resolve this so my question is when offered compensation from your company what is the time frame as i thought it was within 3 days of the offer ? i put it on here as am not getting any answers from bulb team

Hey @callery_1 :wave:

Was this for an erroneous transfer? These have been added to your account directly, but of course as you are prepay you won’t have a credit account in the same way so this was a mistake! Sorry if this was missed so far.

I’ll get the £60 sent out to you via Wise so you should receive it this week.

– H :bulb:

thanks very much holly and yes it was an erroneous transfer but took a lot of time to get sorted out and i was only getting annoyed as i was told one thing but it never got delivered but thanks very much