How long does a response take

How long does it to hear back about the Warm Home Discount Scheme please?

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Unfortunately these times are likely to be high due to the “300,000” applicants. All in all, i can’t tell you, but people have started to get them now. I’d recommend signing up for the email reminder next year. you have to do this for each WHD. try to get your application in asap.

Hi @Ayshea - welcome to the Bulb Community!

Your application for the Warm Home Discount should be processed within 2 months of the submission date. :slight_smile:

Such awful customer service!
Never get a reply and online chat is never availalable.

Hi @herq13, welcome to Community!

I’m really sorry to hear this. We are receiving higher than usual inflow at the moment so responses do take a little longer. For a quicker response, please can you send us a DM on Facebook or Twitter? If you’d prefer I can send you an email, just let me know.