how long does it take and what happens in the switchover?

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We are thinking to switch over from our current supplier to Bulb Energy and would like to know, please, how long it takes to do so so, what the procedure is, and what happens in the switchover?
Any help and assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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To switch over to Bulb, just sign up online on the website and once you’ve entered your name, address, payment details and confirmed a few things (terms and conditions!), that’s the procedure done with.

The switch over takes a minimum of 14 days (due to a ‘cooling off period’) but should take about 21 days.

During that period:

  • Bulb will take the agreed ‘monthly payment’ from your bank account (Bulb takes payment ‘up front’ in credit: most suppliers take it after usage - so you will end up with two payments: one to your current supplier and one to Bulb ‘in advance’ in the first month)
  • Bulb will email you asking you for your meter readings (the ‘opening read’) and once you’ve provided those either via the Bulb website, the app or via email, they’ll then send those details to your old supplier.
  • There will be NO interruption to your gas/electric supply because of the switch.

That’ll be it and welcome to the Bulb community!

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Here's a quick rundown of what happens during the switch.

Day 1 - You sign up with Bulb. We’ll send you a welcome pack with everything you need to know.
Day 9 - We’ll check in to let you know how the switch is going and give you a heads up that we’ll ask for a meter reading in a weeks time.
Day 16 - We’ll ask you for your first meter reading to make sure our billing is as accurate as possible. We’ll remind you over the next few days if we don’t get a reading.
Day 19 - We’ll give you a heads up that your first payment is coming out in a couple of days.
Day 22 - Hurray! Your switch has completed. Wasn’t that easy?

We’ll send you your first statement a month later, and from there it’s plain sailing.

You may find Bulb’s switching help pages at useful reading if you want more details.

Very comprehensive response there @RichyB couldn’t have put it better myself! The switch should take 21 days from when you go through the signup process @IanB and if there are any problems we’ll be in touch

Thanks Richy and David. …Have signed up today by phone and extremely happy as a result.

Glad to hear it @IanB

Cheers Ben

I spoke to Louisa this morning, who was very courteous and helpful throughout conversation on setting up, and getting through to you was quick and easy.

@IanB Thanks for the kind words, I will let Louisa know!

Thanks Dan