How long does it take for meter readings to show up?

Hi, I’m sure that the first time I submitted meter readings, the electricity showed up immediately and the gas showed up after I had inputted it again.
It looks like you estimate my usage on the 10th of every month and this month the estimate is higher than my usage for both gas and electricity. I have given you meter readings for the last two months but only the electricity reading is showing for March, with the gas being estimated, and nothing is showing for April.
How long should it take for my readings to show up on my account and then in the graph please?

Hi @Stephanie65

The gas read has to go through a few more validation checks and that is what takes the extra time.

The reading is usually showing within 24 hours on the chart (upper limit) but the electricity is usually showing straight away.

The graph updates once the month has readings that close off the month, so you often need a reading in May for April’s chart to complete.