How long does it take for the £50 credit to show?

Hi, I’ve just successfully completed my switch to Bulb using one of the referral links posted by the Bulb community and I was expecting the credit to show after my switch has been completed which took 3 weeks. However, this hasn’t happened - can anyone advise how long this typically takes?

Hi @Ed03 we didn’t register your switch as coming from a referral. Whose link did you use, please?

Hi @“Andrew at Bulb”

I tried registering using a link but received an error. Then Dan from Bulb got in touch via email to ask that I give them a call so I called up and a lady whose name I couldn’t recalled helped me to register through phone. I asked if I could still use a referral link to get the £50 credit and she said yes. So I gave her a referral link posted by one of our Bulb members and hence was expecting the credit once my switch has been completed.

It’d be disappointing if I couldn’t get the £50 credit as that was pretty much one of the primary reasons for my switch. In fact I did ask explicitly on the phone and was assured that it’ll come through once my switch is done.

Hope you can help.

Kind regards

Hi @Ed03
That’s a different matter of course! I’ll make sure you and your referrer get the referral credit right away.
All the best,

Excellent - thanks @“David at Bulb”

Such a pity that @dennis813 got another referral credit when he is one of the major abusers of Trustpilot.

I thought the credit for the switch would only show in payments 21 days later and not on the refer a friend section?

The credit also shows in the refer a friend section.