How long does it take for your account to be closed and be credited when leaving Bulb?

I had generally a very good experience with Bulb till I found a cheaper supplier and decided to move. It is more than 7 weeks now since I moved supplied and I am still waiting for Bulb to credit me over 600 pounds I had on credit in the account. I provided meter readings when i switched supplied and the new supplier is serving me energy for over 6 weeks now. Does anybody have experience on how long this crediting process can take and how to speed up the crediting?

Hi @alejandrofrangi - we’ve actually sent out your final bill today, and processed your final refund to your bank account. I am sorry for the delay, but you should see that refund in your bank account by this time tomorrow and your final statement will have arrived by email earlier today. Wishing you all the best from us here :slight_smile: