How Long does it take to commission a gas meter?

My gas and electric meters Smart Meters were installed Dec 3 2020.
The electric meter worked straight away connecting to my IHD, the gas meter was expected to take 24hous.
Nearly 2 months later the gas meter is still not working, even after numerous emails, chat and even telephone calls. Lots of promises to fix, resolve it, escalate it, commission it , get back to me, but still not working.
I know that technology can have issues, but the customer service team should at least be able to have a consistent message and not keep blaming each other, I don’t care that Bulb rep did or didnt do something as far as I’m concerned you are one company and should know what each other is doing at the very least.

The latest issue, I keep getting bill estimates on a gas meter that was removed, I’m yet to get Bulb to understand the concept that if something does not exist it is hard to get a reading from it.

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