How long for app to show data after joining Bulb

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I joined Bulb last week and I have a SMETS2 smart meter. Bulb have confirmed that they are getting data from it. But nothing is showing in the app yet. How long does it usually take before I can see my usage?

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Thanks for your question. Usage graphs or information can take up to a month to generate, usually after your first bill. This is because your meter ‘portfolio’ is still being updated and we are just getting an understanding of your usage trends.

After your first bill you should see the usage parts appear on your app.

–Carl :bulb:

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Understood, thanks @Carl_at_Bulb. I just changed the frequency from half hourly to daily and back to half hourly again - I was wondering if that would speed it up.

But it seems like it wouldn’t - and that I’d have to wait until the first bill. Is that on my direct debit date?

Hey @Urban441 your statement will come out the day before your direct debit comes out, bulb take payments in advance so you pay up front for your usage.

You should see the usage appear after this date

–Carl :bulb: