How long for final bill to generate?

Hi there

I’ve cancelled my account and it says when logged in my final bill is being generated on the 12th September. Has anyone got experience of how long this will take as it’s now the 15th? Completely understand there may be some delays these days in the times we live in, just want to make sure nothing’s gone wrong as my bills section of my account looks a bit strange (as though it’s been topping up each month, but no payments going towards my balance). Submitted meter readings while living there and when I moved out.


Hey @jehamusic Thanks for getting in touch on Bulb Community.

I can see there’s a system error on your account that’s blocking your statement from being sent out to you. I’ll fix this as soon as I have the opportunity to and send you an email once I’ve done so :+1:

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That’s great Matthew thanks for your help!