How long to answer email

How long does it usually take to answer email? I have sent readings which i have noticed have been entered by a member of you’re team however no credit refund as requested

Just sent one and the reply was - we normally respond on the same day but we are very busy and at the moment its taking us 5 days.

Thanks for letting me know Danix. I’m now on the phone to them, supposedly a 20min que :roll_eyes:

Let me just remind you all of their “wait time promise”

“…we promise we’ll automatically add £10 to a member’s account whenever they have to wait longer than 5 minutes for us to pick up the phone or 5 working days for a response to an email.”

Remember to hold them to this if you’re waiting longer than the times listed!


Thank you! I didn’t know about this. I waited almost 40 minutes before me call was answered today

I’m starting to think bulb have given up trying to reply quickly. Even if it’s just a “we’re dealing with it” email, that would be cool.
I wouldn’t be surprised if they remove that £10 swear jar thing soon.

I’ve got an ongoing query with my smart meter change not being done properly. My meters were swapped in April… and have contacted a few times previously with replies but no resolution.
Since contacting again on September 14th, and a few days of back and forth until September 17th, I then contacted on the 25th after hearing nothing.
I got a reply October 10th, I replied on the 11th, saw no change so emailed again on the 15th, and still no reply.
I’m about to email again asking for an update, and will try calling tomorrow if I get time.

I’m not overly bothered, it’s just frustrating not knowing how much my actual usage is costing me since April.
I’m not looking forward to having a genuine problem that needs solving.