How long to commission new smart meter?


We had a smart meter installed four days ago, all seemed to go well according to the installer (Very pleasant and quite quick).

The gas and electricity meters are about a foot apart, the unit on the top of the electricity meter has a bunch of green LEDs that flash every few seconds, the only one that doesn’t is the MESH one (LAN, HAN, GAS etc all flash green).

However there’s only one reading in our bulb account of “Electricity 0” from the 11th and there is no HAN signal showing on the top left of the IHD (we have the white-backed IHD, it has wifi signal OK but not the HAN one, it’s currently sitting on top of the electricity meter).

The installer said that commissioning is done remotely - is that so or was something forgotten? (Or do we need to be a little more patient?)


In my experience the meters upload the ‘smart’ reading to my Bulb account once a month so give it a few weeks in case you’re still a few weeks away from your billing date

Alternatively a Bulb customer service representative may see this thread, look at your account on their computer and reply to you (via email if the conversation is data protection sensitive in nature)

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Thank you - the smart meter reading frequency is set to daily so I’d have thought it would upload more often, but let’s see. The IHD has never connected so something still isn’t right.

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Give it a few weeks for the installation guy to pass on the meter details to Bulb and for them to input it and action it on your account

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Hi @mackie Good to hear from you again on Bulb Community

In terms of the exchange readings showing in your Bulb Account, it can take 2-3 weeks for the meter installation details to all filter through to us from the installing engineers at Siemens or MDS, so that’s nothing to worry about.

It sounds like we’ll need to get your IHD connected to your meters remotely, this is easy enough and as @shaun5948 foresaw, I’ll drop you an email on this now.

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Thanks - IHD is now working.

Glad to hear it’s working @mackie :+1: Let us know if there’s anything else you need

I am having a new smart meter installed 7 Sept. Can get one that measure exported electricity?

Hi @dovergs,

We only install SMETS2 so the installation you will have booked will be installing a smart meter which can measure exported electricity.

For our export tariff you just need a smart meter or stand-alone export meter that records your exported energy every half hour. A SMETS1 or SMETS2 meter can do this.