How long to get credit balance refunded after switching from Bulb?

Hi I’m currently in the process of switching from Bulb and expect to have a credit balance of a few hundred pounds on my account. I know refunds can take up to 6 weeks after switching, but am interested in real life experiences.

Many thanks

Mine came through in about two weeks, albeit in two payments

Hi @davidjwaugh,

I can see you switch to your new supplier tomorrow so we’ll get a final bill for the last bit of your time with us since you were last billed and then refund the excess credit back to you within two weeks of your switch.

I have now switched from Bulb, and due to estimated bill last month gave Bulb the same meter reading I gave my new supplier on the transfer, so in theory my final bill is what I got billed last month. Just hope that what you state is the same in my case

Hi @Timm, thanks for sending us actual reads. If these are from within 5 days of your switch date and match the reads given to your new supplier, then these should be validated by the industry third party that confirms change of supplier reads. This will mean you get an accurate final statement from us and start you new account right with the new supplier.

I wanted to do that, but the Meter Readings page had disappeared from my Account Dashboard (but I do now have a “Your Account is being closed” banner).

As I said, The readings that show on my last bill is the same as to the ones sent to my new supplier, so in theory there should not be a final bill and with NO extra payment required

I had was given an estimated bill last month, and Bulb kept saying that I got a reminder for the readings which I never received. They then asked for new readings so I gave them the same reading as to what I gave my new supplier. I also have the banner “Your Account is being closed” Makes you think if you can’t access the reading section how on earth are you suppose to give them readings. I moved over to Octopus on the 4th

Ah, I put my regular readings in at the start of the month just in time for my normal statement (which was therefore tickety-boo) on the 1st. My switch was on 6th, and I gave meter readings to my new supplier (Yorkshire Energy), and then saw your post and thought it seemed sensible to give them to Bulb as well (erring on the safe side), but couldn’t any more :frowning:.

Try doing via email?

Your new supplier will give your final readings to bulb, through independant third party

Hi Skippy64, Yes that what happens, But with my account Bulb have already got these reading for both Gas/Electric and used on my last Bill. So I should not see another bill from them. Just a matter of waiting now.

I got my refund within two weeks of switching, wish you well,

I have switched from Bulb after the irratic direct debits and price increases. Got confirmation from my new provider that they are now supplying my gas and electricity. I’m £124 in credit with Bulb (less my final usage bill) and couldn’t believe it when I got an email saying they will be taking my normal DD in 3 days time! Sums up Bulbs incompetence lately. Can’t wait to get my final bill and be free from from them. Be interesting when I get my credit refund.

Got mine, down to the last penny within two weeks,

Hi @Turnipmadras,

Just so you’re aware of how it works when you switch to another provider from Bulb:

  1. After you have switched supplier, you will give your new supplier your meter readings on or around the day of your switch.

  2. Your new supplier has to give us readings to us to close down your account. We cannot close down your account until they have sent us readings, this is the standard procedure in the energy industry.

  3. We might also ask you for readings when you leave, but these aren’t to be used in your final bill, they are used as backup in case we need to raise a dispute if the readings your new supplier sends us are wrong.

  4. It will usually take a while for your new supplier to send us the final readings, because they are also sent to a third, independent party for validation before they come to us. As soon as we receive them, we generate your final bill. The timescale for this is 4-6 weeks.

  5. If there is any credit left on the account after the final bill, we will automatically refund this to you within 2 weeks of your final bill being produced (although it can be a lot quicker). We can only do this automatically if there is still an active Direct Debit on your account, which is why we do not cancel your DD until after your final bill and refund/payment.

  6. It is likely that when you leave us, you will make another payment to us as well, this is normal, and we will usually just refund it straight back to you after your final bill if the account is already in credit. If you cancel the Direct Debit before we have issues the final bill, then you will need to get in contact with us to arrange the final refund, we can’t process it automatically.

I switched earlier this month. Had my final bill on both Gas and Electric, still no credit. Email sent no reply.

To put it into perspective. I switched from Bulb on 19/01/2020 and had my final bill on 29/01/2020. My account was actuallyin debit but it took until 12/02/2020 for that amount to be taken from my bank and paid into my Bulb account. So it does take a little while for the final credit (or in my case debit) to go though the system.

How long before “your account is being closed notification”. I’ve switched and heard nothing from Bulb.


I switched on 6th October. The final gas reading transferred from my new supplier (Yorkshire Energy) to Bulb at the beginning of the week, and the electricity readings transferred yesterday (or possibly late on wednesday).

My “Final Bill from Bulb” email arrived today, and it promised I’d be credited with my refund within 14 days.