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[Begin Rant]

I’m confused. I’ve been in touch will Bulb on several occasions now to fix the problems with my account and each time get assured it will be dealt with swiftly. Each time…it isn’t.

I started with Bulb on October 24th 2018 and had half-hourly reads from my previous supplier (smart meter) which have been given to Bulb several times. Yet still my old account cannot be closed with the previous supplier as the readings “do not match up”. On investigation, Bulb have supplied my previous night rate as my Day Rate and my TOTAL read (Day plus Night) as my Night Rate to the previous supplier. I wonder why they don’t match?! Despite being told this and supplied with screenshots of my previous meter reads going back quite some time, it is still not sorted.

Then they install a new meter (as the smart meter is not supported meaning I got no heating and minimal hot water!) later the same month (30th October I think). The technician who installed it didn’t take both of the old meter readings (fortunately I did) so again they are struggling to work out the reads from the old meter. Another failure highlighted several times now with correct readings supplied again each time…nothing done.

Finally, the icing on the cake. Remember, my new meter was installed in October last year. In my July 2019 statement my meter read was apparently “0” for both day and night on the date of April 24th. You can imagine the bill that statement!!! I basically am being charged for my entire winter usage again! And apparently none of my monthly payments are reflected in this bill (as if I haven’t been overpaying every month as I won’t ever let my account get behind). Again, informed the staff and no change.

At what point do I take this further? Who can I complain to who might actually listen and do something about it as Bulb don’t seem to care that much?

[End Rant]

Ben (sorry!)

I’m just a fellow customers as are almost 100% of the people looking at your saga.

So on this basis…

Can I suggest you have a look at the complaints process page at:

In hindsight if you had done this more than 8 weeks ago you would be able to take your complaint to the Ombudsman Services.

Perhaps, just perhaps a Bulb team member will respond to your query via this forum.

Is @“Eleanor at Bulb” still around?

Is @"Eleanor at Bulb" still around?

I was thinking the same thing. Or for that matter any of the Help team who used to pop in and assist with queries.

I am here :s

Sorry I’ve been a bit quieter than usual. Usually, they can’t get me to be quiet in the office!

@benavery Sorry you’ve had to rant. Clearly this has been very frustrating for you. Which it shouldn’t have to be.

I can see that you’ve been speaking to Archie about getting this solved. The dispute is currently with your previous supplier that Daniel at Bulb has been chasing. Unfortunately, we’re unable to speed this process up but once we hear back and get those new opening readings, we’ll be able to update you with an accurate statement.

Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.