How much do you use a month?

I’m new here, just moved to a property 10 days ago where I have the pre-paid meter. I have a problem, this meter’s eating up my credit. I already paid (and used) £70 and it’s been only 10 days. I’m just wondering, how much do you use for a pre=paid meter? Is it normal?? I genuinely don’t think so…

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The question you really need to be asking yourself is what are you using, what’s switched on, what heating you have, hot water etc etc.

Everyone’s usage is different so can’t really just estimate off someone else usage. At the moment during the cold snap I’m maybe £2.40 to £3.20 a day on a normal pay monthly account.

Do you have a in home display you could use that to start narrowing down when usage is high and work out what’s costing you.

£2.40 should be my consumption of the things I have. I live alone in a 1 bedroom flat, I don’t have anything apart from a laptop. My fridge is on all the time and the water boiler, I use an oil-filled radiator approx. 6 hours a day. £70-80 would be the ideal, but not weekly! I think I have a faulty meter, maybe? Any thoughts?

Water boilers and electric heaters tend to use a hell of a lot of electricity. Does the meter have an in home display unit.

The average oil-filled radiator is about 2kw, even at pre-pay rates for 6hrs would be circa £2-£2.60 max, the thing that concerns me most is having the boiler on all the time, that would eat leccy like there’s no tomorrow

I’ve had my 1st +£100 monthly Eco 7 electric bill.
112 pounds to be exact cost wise.
T.b.f. It’s only extra 3 kws per day more than 2020
26kws rather than last years 23kws.

I’ve been WFH since Feb 20’ so no complaints laptop use etc
Looking to average High 7.8or 7.9 Kws Annual.
Quite happy. Used mix of 800kw Halogen Heater+3kw Fan heater.
+Wall mounted bedroom Eco7 Large Heater.

I just joined on fri. I didnt ask to join. I luckily saw an email and received some payment cards.
It has taken £45 by monday morning to get out of my emergency credit.
The app is useless and doesnt even show me what I’ve used.
I’m hoping this settles down and I’m not paying stupid money a day too.

Hi @vattacukor

I recommend having a look at the screens on your meter to see if there is any debt on the meter. Debt would come off your topups. You can use this guide to see what the screens mean.

If you notice something looks off then please send photos of the screens to with text explaining the situation.

Just so you are aware there is a standing charge of 25.486p every day for the meter. So this would come off when you top up.