How much energy usage is my quote based upon?

WE’ve recently switched to bulb. I’m interested to know if our monthly direct debit is based upon an anticipated rate of energy usage, e.g. x no. of hours of heating a day in the winter and x no. of showers?

A rule of thumb is that it is based on your previous 12 months usage in kWh and using the current tariff. You then divide the total by 12 to arrive at your monthly direct debit

Hi @mb2494 as @Allanr says the monthly quote is based on your estimated usage over one year, times your tariff, divided by 12. The more info you gave us during the switch to produce your quote, the more accurate it will be. If you gave us your actual usage from the last 12 months, that’s about as accurate a quote as we can produce for you, whereas if you just said that you have a three bedroom flat, for example, the quote will be a pretty rough estimate