How much will my prices rise in November?

Regarding the November 11th energy price rises, I’ve seen articles suggesting that the gas price rise is about 19% which in itself is high enough.
My gas price is increasing from 2.8p per unit (inc.VAT) to 3.63p which by my reckoning is nearly 30%, can I get confirmation of this please.

Hi @beezer0418 ,

Bulb’s pricing (like other suppliers) differs per supply region due to distribution costs - you can check the new prices in the email around the 10th of September. If you’ve mislaid this email, it can be found in (or click ‘Sign in’ in the top right corner) and go to ‘Account and Tariff Info’. The rates shown on that page will be the current rates, but if you scroll down to ‘Messages’ you’ll see a message dated around the 10th of September titled ‘Variable Price Change Email’ which will contain the new rates.

Don’t want to login? I’ll tell you a little secret. As soon as any price rise is officially announced, new customers will automatically be put onto it (existing customers get 60 days of the old tariff as a notice period) - therefore Bulb’s homepage and tariff page at will always show the ‘new/forthcoming’ prices.

Yes, I know what the revised prices will be, as I suggested in my post though 2.8p per unit to 3.63p is around 30% but I’ve seen comments by Bulb that the increase is only 19%, what’s going on?

I know on Bulb’s blog about the price rises at they said ‘tariff for the average UK home by 11.1%’ - so that’s probably taking into account the average household’s total gas/electricity and the standing charges (I’m not sure where the 19% is coming from - Bulb’s raw gas costs went up by 20%).

So, yes, the unit cost of gas may have gone up by 30%, but overall it could still be only a 11.1% increase across the entire bill.

<blockquote class="Quote" rel="RichyB" So, yes, the unit cost of gas may have gone up by 30%, but overall it could still be only a 11.1% increase across the entire bill.

In fairness to @beezer0418 they want to know why their particular gas unit cost has increased by 30%, the fact it may be 11% across their total bill doesn’t answer their core concerns.

I haven’t done a search but I seem to recollect there was an answer by Bulb to a similar query a number of months ago.

@beezer0418 Your increase overall would be 19%. The price rise has been lower for electricity than gas due to the increase of wholesale mainly being on the gas side of things.

Thanks DanP, the 19% quote was contained in a article, “Individually, gas prices are rising by 19% – typically £86/yr – and electricity prices by 3.2%, or £16/yr on average” which is obviously inaccurate because you’re increasing gas prices by almost 30% & electricity by around 7%.
If your wholesale price for gas has increased by 20%, why are you increasing the cost to your customers by 30%?

I switched to Bulb for a lower energy bill. Now the monthly payments are increasing. I heard this morning that the government is imposing a price cap on household energy charges. How does that work? What happens if a household uses more than the price cap?

Hi @Philroy

It’s not a cost cap, with every energy company you just pay for what you use. The price cap is just an annual limit on a typical usage, to restrict the benefit of companies leaving their customers on the standard tariff and making a huge margin from them.

The monthly payments are increasing as the wholesale prices are increasing for us which feeds into the energy price.

@danp @rob at bulb

Given prices have decreased significantly now shouldnt you be decreasing costs imminently?