How often should the smart meter send readings?

Hi all

I have recently switched to credit smart meters and apparently was one of the lucky ones who’s IHD began updating and working almost immediately after being installed by Siemens.

One question - using the Bulb app, I can see a reading was sent the day after installation both by the gas and electricity meter, but nothing since (approx 20 days ago).

How often do you see readings being sent in the app, or is it just a case of things take forever to update?

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It is likely your meter is configured to send us a reading once a month. If you go on your Bulb account, you click ‘Account Settings’ and scroll down and click ‘smart readings’ you can change your smart meter to send us readings daily.

That’s not an option on my account settings

Nor is it on mine. Please enable these settings for us?

Hi @Johno and @timr11 ,

If it that is not coming up in your account settings, you can change your smart meter preferences through this link:

Thanks, tried that,it was already set for daily reads,but they only show round about the day my bill is generated each month.

I used to get daily reads appearing when I was on the smart tariff trial. After I left the trial, the daily reads stopped appearing and as you say were added only around billing date.

Basically the whole account portal and billing system is still broken. Don’t expect anything to work any time soon. I’m glad I’ve left.

Hi @Johno We’ll get the daily reads through to our system, but on your statements you’ll only see the readings we’ve billed you to. Daily reads improves the connection of the smart meters to the smart network.