How-to #2: How to read your meter and submit readings

Meter readings show us how much energy you’ve used so that we can bill you accurately. If you have an old fashioned, non-smart meter, sending us readings is the best way to manage your energy account - if you don’t, we have to bill on estimates so the amount we charge you won’t be spot on. :alarm_clock:

It’s super simple to submit readings in your online Bulb account or the app and we’ve created a step by step guide below.

How to find your meter reading: :flashlight:
Your meters can be found inside or outside your property. Outdoor meters will usually be in a white box attached to the wall or a brown box on the ground with a sloped lid. If they’re indoors, you’ll usually find them tucked away in a cupboard.

There are lots of different types of gas meters but here are some examples of what they may look like:

Traditional gas meters: The meter on the left measures in meters cubed, the meter on the right measures in cubic feet


Once you’ve located your meter you can follow these instructions on how to take a reading depending on what type of meter you have.

If you’re looking to take a reading from a smart meter you can follow these instructions.

And if you have a top-up meter and want to work out what each screen means then these instructions will show you how.

How to submit your reading in the online account


  • Log in to your Bulb account online

  • Select the green square that says ‘submit meter reading’


  • Select the fuel that you want to submit a reading for

  • Enter your reading. If there are five boxes but your reading is only four digits, put a 0 in the first box. Remember - we only need the numbers before the decimal point.

  • Click the green button that says ‘submit’

How to submit your reading in the app

  • Open the app in your phone
  • Head to the ‘home’ or ‘usage’ tab at the bottom of the screen
  • Select the green button with the fuel that you want to submit a reading for
  • On the ‘Home’ or ‘Readings’ tab, just tap ‘Electricity’ or ‘Gas’, then use your phone’s camera to take a picture of your meter. The app will then enter your reading for you

  • Otherwise you can enter your meter reading manually just click the green button that says ‘submit’

  • If your meter is in a dark corner, you can also use the torch feature in the top right corner :flashlight:

Why don’t they make this simple, like others I’m going round in circles when the link they offer should really just take me straight through…

Hey @JulianJJM

You should be able to submit them via your Bulb Account like the instructions in the post above! :relaxed:

I can’t find an active account under the email address you have attached to Community- can you send us a DM with your property address and details so we can see why you’re unable to submit them if the link above doesn’t work?

– H :bulb: