How-to #5: How to add someone to your Bulb account

Hi everyone :wave:

You may want to add someone else’s name in your household to your account and there are 2 different ways to do it:

You can either:

  1. Add another person’s name to your statements (you’ll both be liable for your energy payments but they wouldn’t be able to access your account)
  2. Add another person to your account who can act on your behalf

Add someone to your statements

You would do this if:

  • You wanted to use an energy bill as a proof of address
  • You are applying for the Warm Home Discount and the proof is in someone else’s name

If you pay for your energy monthly, you can do this in your Bulb account.

Step one: click on ‘Account settings’

Step two: under ‘Payment settings’ click on ‘Add name to statements’ and fill in the details.

If you have a top-up meter (also called prepay), send us an email, including the email address of the person you’d like to add to your statements.

Add another person to your account who can act for you

You would do this if:

  • you wanted someone to make decisions on your behalf

To do this email and ‘Cc’ the other person into the email.

  • We’ll then confirm with the second person that they want to be added to the account. We can only add them if they agree.

Hi @glochuang - I can see ‘Account settings’ when I take a look at your account, please can you try logging in on a computer if you’re not already and seeing if you can see it there?

If not, you can email us from the email linked to the account to with the following info: Your husbands full name, email address and DOB. Someone will get that sorted for you there.