How to add another name to account

Could you please explain how to add my husband’s name to my Bulb account?
We live together and would like to have both our names shown on the electricity bills.

Hi there @Olga no problem we can do that for you. All we need is confirmation from them (and you) that you’re both fine with being jointly liable for all the bills.

The easiest way to do this is to copy them into an email to If you say in the original email (from the email address attached to your bulb account), then they can email in on the same chain with their name saying they’re fine to be added, and we’ll put the second name on.

Mum died this month & the account was in her name. Can I do this same thing in your answer to Olga to put my husband’s and my name on the account now? Thanks

Hi there @sunnypeace my condolences on your loss. We can indeed put your and your husband’s names on the account, the only thing we’ll need in addition is a copy of the death certificate or a letter showing power of attorney or that you’re an executor of the will, and we’ll get everything sorted out for you