How to check an email from 'Bulb' is genuine?

I received an email, supposedly from Bulb, claiming they have been trying to contact me but had been unable to reach me. I have no missed calls or texts though nor any previous emails! Also, nothing on my actual bulb account about wanting to raise my monthly DD. The other info within the email seems correct.

How do I check that someone with the surname Mtshali actually works there?

Like thousands of other bulb customers I got an email AFTER they increased my direct debit. They didn’t tell me by phone or email before hand, they just raised it.

Check with your bank for suspicious activity on your account just to be safe. No one’s details are secure anymore so it could be a “fishing” email and you just happen to be a bulb customer.

I’d say it almost certainly is from Bulb. If you want to make sure contact Bulb directly (but don’t reply to that particular email).