How to Complain to Bulb

I decided to switch to Bulb for Gas and Electric but only Electric has moved over. Bulb claim it is my previous supplier issue however on contact them they have confirmed that no request for gas was ever made.

Have you tried searching the Help page?

I switched over to Bulb (or thought I had), as I got a confirmation email from Bulb saying that had been done. Then I got a letter from my previous supplier alerting me to the fact that my account with them was in arrears due to cancelled direct debit. It turns out that my previous supplier blocked the transfer, but Bulb never advised me of this, and continued to take payments for the next 2 months!!! I have sent an email to Bulb, but from what I’ve read, it doesn’t look like they are very responsive! Does anyone know who I could report this fraud to, and get full refund for the payments they have taken?


Put in a formal complaint to Bulb unless you have done so already and then follow the process in

I’m not sure fraud is appropriate to use in this situation, but that is your choice.